Striving to meet customer expectations
through continual improvement.

Fastco uses cold forming technology to help customers implement creative fastener solutions.

Are you concerned about cash flow and tying up large sums of money on inventories? Are you concerned about the timing of your overseas shipment of fasteners? Do you have customers who are constantly shrinking the amount of lead time allotted for new parts and projects? Are you concerned about the amount of time it takes to implement revision changes to some of your components? Would a supplier with a wide range of capabilities and a willingness to tackle a wide range of estimated annual usages be valuable to your company?

If your company is plagued by the above problem, perhaps our company could provide assistance. Incorporated in 1970, Fastco Industries manufactures special fasteners from its 150,000 square foot facilities in Walker, Michigan. Serving a customer base in West Michigan, Fastco also supplies products to the Midwest, Canada, and Mexico. While predominately a supplier of automotive fasteners, Fastco also has key customers in the office furniture, appliance, and recreational vehicle industries.

Dedicated to continual improvement, 100% on time delivery, and zero defects, Fastco Industries is committed to meeting and exceeding its customer’s expectations in quality and delivery. With a wide range of cold headers, thread rollers, and secondary machining equipment, Fastco is uniquely qualified to provide a wide range of special fasteners. Let Fastco take care of your production fasteners requirements.

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