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"The Fastco engineering department is determined to engineer quality into each phase of the Fastco production process."

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Need help determining fastener specification and design for your company’s unique application? Fastco works side by side with its customers, assisting them as they work out requirements for their fastener applications.

The engineering department strives to stay ahead of the curve in design and manufacturing technology. Fastco relies on programs such as Autocad, NagForm Smart and NagSim to complete designs in the fastest, most effective manner.

The latest Autocad software is utilized to ensure an accurate 3d design and the most complete tooling layouts. Fastco will also utilize Autocad’s features to share information throughout the facility, supplier and customer base.

NagForm Smart is a program that encompasses a learning module to build upon past experience to dramatically speed the quoting process. NagForm is also used to predict the load and pressures that are created in the forming process. This allows Fastco to place and tool product on the correct machine without trial and error.

NagSim is companion software to NagForm Smart. It is a FEA (finite element analysis) program specific to the cold heading industry. NagSim is used to predict metal flow and defects as well as tool stresses and damage analysis. This allows Fastco to predict the effectiveness of tooling and process design before any manufacturing is engaged. NagSim has also proved to be a valuable asset in troubleshooting.

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